Photo credit: I. Ignatovich

On Thursday, when Alex Ovechkin made his debut for Dynamo Moscow, the stands at Small Sports Arena in Luzhniki, Moscow were about 60% full. Sunday’s match was a different story, as a sold-out crowd of 8,097 packed into the seats to see Ovechkin’s Dynamo take on Ilya Kovalchuk’s SKA — Kovy’s first game in the KHL.

Fifteen minutes into the first period, the crowd was treated to a bit of history as Ovechkin scored his first KHL goal, also his first regular season goal in Russia since 2005.

YouTuber AXLPNZ captured the crowd’s reaction and the PA announcer’s call. The roar of the crowd is pretty cool.

The video picks up right after Ovechkin scores. The PA Annoucer calls the goal at around the 30-second mark.

The atmosphere is nowhere near as loud as the Verizon Center– but they’re also sporting about 9,000 fewer people. But good on the fans for cheering on their hometown boy, and good on the Russian Wes Johnson too.

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  • BarrowsBOY

    I see a caps jersey, front row right in the bottom of the screen.

  • rhino40

    I scoar goal…hhahhhahhahha)))))best!