Photo credit: MDNA Tour Facebook page

Fifty-four-year-old pop icon Madonna made her grand return to the area this week, performing two sold-out shows at Verizon Center on Sunday and Monday. During one of the concerts, something quite spectacular happened. Something that without HD video, I could not have confirmed or believed could possibly be real.

You see, during a break in music, Madonna chatted up her fans and asked if anyone would like to write a four letter word which describes her on her back. As Madonna gazed out to the crowd, she settled on two young Swedish men in the front row — who happened to be Washington Capitals forwards Mattias Sjogren and Marcus Johansson — and tossed them a marker.

As Johansson goofily grinned and filmed with his iPhone, Sjogren scribbled “Sexy” on the back of one of the most famous singers of all-time. Really.

You’re gonna want to see this.

Video tweeted out by @ErikGranqvist.

And for those with facial recognition software, here are some screenshots for you if you’re not quite sold yet.

Yup, definitely them.

10PM Update: Is this Backstrom at the show too?

S/T to @RabiesMalin who initially retweeted the video.

  • Ogglord

    Haha cool!

  • Camilla A.

    Oh lawd…

  • Ovechwin

    At least they’re keeping busy. I guess.

  • Tim Shumar

    When I said I wanted to see the Caps back at Verizon Center, this isn’t quite what I had in mind.

  • Patti del Pielago

    Hahahahaha….the Swedish taste in music is officially on par with the Russians. But seriously, their adorably excited faces make me giggle.

  • Ian Oland

    I will never outdo this post.

  • Kelli L Greene

    All those cute Swedes at a Madonna concert. Sounds like the perfect date.

  • Dark Stranger

    Certainly looks like Nicky B there

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  • Feds

    They we listening her music since their birthday, and by birthday I mean the very first birthday.

  • Tim Shumar

    Ian, sure you will. You just have to hope for Jay Beagle to be dragged up onstage with Bon Jovi the next time he comes through DC.

  • Julie Fainberg

    #LockoutProblems….ur doing it right

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