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On the other side of the Atlantic, the IIHF tournaments such as the World Junior Championships are a big freaking deal. Consider last year, when Caps prospect Filip Forsberg and his Team Sweden teammates defeated Russia 1-0 in overtime of the Gold Medal Game. When the team returned to Sweden, they were treated as heroes.

With attention comes fame, and with fame comes hilarious endorsement deals! Which is why Forsberg and 2012 WJC golden goal-scorer Mika Zibanejad play a prominent role in a Swedish advertising campaign for the Danish milk company, Cocio. Anaheim Ducks defenseman Hampus Lindholm, a top 10 pick in this past year’s draft, also participates.

The commercial starts with Zibanejad, Forsberg, and Lindholm all playing against a generic team with white and blue jerseys, meant to represent Sweden’s biggest rivals in sports, Finland. As Forsberg unselfishly absorbs a crushing hit to keep the puck moving, Zibanejad does what he does best and scores the winning tally.

The three then return home (they all live together for some reason), dump their gear off, and Zibanejad pours himself a refreshing cup of chocolate milk. Unfortunately for the guys, the neighborhood kids attached tracking devices to their legs before they left, allowing them to stalk the players upon their return. So before Zibanejad even has a chance to take a drink, the guys are summoned by an army of Swedish schoolchildren to play some street hockey. D’aww.

As we all have learned from a certain Baltimore icon decades ago, a career can only go up after doing a milk commercial. Here’s hoping the same happens for Filip.

Additional reporting and researching by Fedor Fedin. Thanks to YouGottaLoveThoseSwedes who initially published the promo photo.

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