We all remember last summer’s extinction-level crisis known as Fat-Gatebut if we think back hard enough, there were some good moments too. Like the time when Alex Ovechkin signed on to be the new spokesman for Cadbury’s Mr. Big Bar.

In a series of wacky commercials, the Russian machine demystified the legend that is Alexander Mikhaylovich Ovechkin and showed us all how to “Be big deal like me!” As part of a contest, Ovechkin made the impossible possible and suffered through a dinner with common folk. Aw, look how happy those two are.

Good news, you guys. Mr. Big Bar announced Thursday on their Facebook page that the contest lives on. This year, one lucky winner will have a chance to meet The Great Eight in one of these four cities: New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago. All you need to do to enter is like Mr. Big’s fan page (like ours too while you’re at it) and then enter the UPC of a Mr. Big Bar here. The contest page looks like this:

Hmm, who does that outfit remind me of…

(Go to the 30-second mark.) Oh, right.

Mr. Big Bars are still only sold in Canada. Still, everybody contact your one Canadian friend on Twitter and offer them your life savings for a giant box of Mr. Big Bars.

Sure, we’re in a recession and the dollar is weak and you could probably meet Ovechkin at Kettler as soon as the lockout ends, but dinner with the guy? That would be great. I bet he probably says awesome things like this.

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  • Actually, there’s a candy store in Old Town Alexandria, VA (might be Candi’s Candies on N. Fairfax) who carry Mr. Big Bars. I picked up a few there last year 😉