That guy in the middle of the scrum with his back to the net is Ovechkin scoring.

Over the last few games, Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has been on fire. He has two goals and three assists in his last three matches. He’s also beginning to score with ease.

In front of a record KHL crowd of 16,317 (and Michal Neuvirth) at O2 Arena on Tuesday, Ovechkin ramped up the degree of difficulty on his tallies and scored a sick game-winning goal in Dynamo Moscow’s 1-0 win over Zdeno Chara’s HC Lev Praha. The Russian machine also had four shots on goal in 18:40 of ice time.

Now let’s see this goal.

After Lev goaltender Tomas Popperle tries to freeze the puck and is denied a whistle by the referees, he attempts to toss the puck to a teammate. Unfortunately for Popperle, a hustling Ovechkin gets to the biscuit first. During a mad scramble in front of the crease, Ovi, with his back turned to the net, blindly shuffles the puck home on his backhand while falling face-first to the ice.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Ovechkin is currently tied for second in points among locked out NHL players in the KHL. Ilya Kovalchuk, who just recently had a hat trick, is first with 10 points. Evgeny Malkin and Ovi are tied for second with nine. Since Ovi has joined Dynamo Moscow’s line-up, the defending champions have won seven of their last eight.

Dynamo will now return home and play Metallurg Novokuznetsk on Saturday.


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  • NHL would’ve waived that one off.. Just like his insane goal vs the Candiens in the playoffs where he bulldozed Jaro Spacek along with the puck into the goal. Conclusion: 2 GR8 Goals XD

  • KHL blocked the video. I WANNA WATCH OVI GOSH DARN IT.

  • 🙁 no video… would have loved to see that

  • The video works. Try again.

  • I don’t think the NHL would have waived the goal off the way it was scored here. I DO think however they would have blown the play dead and not left the Lev goalie out to dry like that when he tried to freeze the puck.

  • No. The goalie had to play the puck or he was going to get penalized. He went to play the puck out of his crease, and instead covered it when Ovechkin came up. The referee gave him the choice to play the puck and he whiffed on it.

    In the NHL this rule would probably be one of those rules the referees seem to of forgotten about like obstruction. The referee that made this call was extremely good if you ask me.

  • Smilemaker4562

    Talk about situational awareness. He’s a fantastic player. No question he’s 1,000 times better than 87!!

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  • RentedMule

    Wow… Sid really is that deep in your heads…

  • Holy_Cal

    It’s sad, really.

    Sometimes I feel for my Caps Fans brethren