BABY ALERT: Troy and Carmen Brouwer Expecting First Child

Troy Brouwer dogs

Everything has been going Capitals forward Troy Brouwer‘s way lately. Last month, Brouwer signed an $11 million contract extension to keep him in DC for the next three years. Then, Knuble’s Knights revealed that they would be devoting their energy towards the winger as the Brouwer Rangers. I’m sure Troy — like every other Capitals fan out there — can’t wait to see their new spandex suits.

Well things are about to get even better. CSN Chicago’s Tracey Myers is reporting that Brouwer’s beautiful wife Carmen is expecting the couple’s first child any day now.

This may explain why the couple (and their dogs – did I mention they have cute dogs?) decided to stay at home in Chicago during the lockout and not link up with a European team yet.

We don’t know what the sex of the child will be, but if we go by recent history, the child’s middle name will be Oates. That is, if Troy wants to continue banking first-line minutes!

We here at RMNB wish Troy and Carmen all the best over the next few days. Feel free to leave your well wishes below!

This man will be a great father.

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  • Hank Hill

    It’s Jay Beagle!

  • Kathy D

    What a cute video.. Hope that he’s updated the dog’s wardrobe since moving to DC. Best wishes to the new family!

  • I absolutely agree… I think he’ll be a wonderful father. What a great guy. Best wishes to Troy & Carmen!