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It appears as if Dynamo Moscow is unbeatable with Alex Ovechkin in their line-up. The defending champions won their seventh straight game Saturday, defeating Metallurg Novokuznetsk 3-2 in front of a hometown crowd of 6469, including Ovi’s mom Tatyana and his girlfriend Maria Kirilenko.

Ovechkin tallied his 10th point of the season, receiving a secondary assist on Yury Babenko’s powerplay goal.

Video is below.

On Babenko’s goal, Ovechkin uses some trickery and blindly backhands the puck to the slot. Unfortunately for Metallurg, every player on the ice, including their goalie, assumes the Russian machine would cradle the puck around the net, resulting in an easy goal. What a play.

Now let’s see some happy pics of Tatyana and Maria at the game.

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They look thrilled!

  • Surprised, usually KHL scorekeepers put the assists in whatever order they feel like, this one was labeled as a secondary like it should of been, but damn it could of been counted as a primary, pretty much the key to the goal is the trickery on this one.