I hate the lockout. You hate the lockout. Pretty much everybody in the entire world hates the NHL lockout. But today, after doing some research with Fedor Fedin, we have found out something that makes the lockout a little bit more bearable.

On Saturday, Brooks Laich followed up that dreadful game against EHC Biel with a brilliant two-goal, three-point effort against Geneve-Servette.

Take a look at the video below.

Laich (#42) scores at the very beginning and at the 1:28 mark. He also assists at 1:50.

Those three points gave Laich eleven in six games, placing him in the top ten of all National League A scorers. It also made him the Kloten Flyers leader in points, which is very significant.

The NLA requires that the point leader of each club wear a special jersey and helmet adorned with flames, a la NBA Jam. We’ll let Dirty Dangle explain why:

Since 2002, the National Leagues (A and B) top scorers on each team have worn a flaming helmet and jersey with TOP SCORER written in big font on the back. While these players look ridiculous, it’s all for a good cause and growing hockey in Switzerland as for each point the top scorer gets means money donated to junior hockey in Switzerland. Since 2002, over 3 million Swiss francs have been raised for Swiss youth hockey which is pretty awesome despite having to look like a jackass in the process.

Couldn’t have said it better.

So Tuesday, Kloten took on the Zurich SC Lions and Laich, who got an assist in the game, showed off his new duds.


This should be mandatory in the next CBA. Though instead of a jersey with flames, each team captain would select his own special point-leader jersey. Ovechkin would go with the Cheburashka jersey!

S/t to @Broflacco who sent us the image of Laich.