Report: Nick Backstrom Joins Alex Ovechkin at Dynamo Moscow

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

Swedish site Sveriges Television is reporting that Nick Backstrom has signed with Alex Ovechkin‘s KHL team, Dynamo Moscow, for the remainder of the lockout. Details are sketchy, and who knows how long the lockout will last, but it seems like the band is getting back together. Kinda/sorta.

According to SVT (and via the inscrutable magic of Google Translate) Backstrom said, “I want to play hockey and this will be a fun challenge.” Backstrom also says Ovechkin convinced him to sign.

This is great news for the two BFFs, but let’s hope CBA negotiations this week result in an even bigger reunion soon.

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  • Thank God… I think the SEL has little interest in signing players for anything other than free and needed to get away from that drama.

  • Well looks like nothings gonna happen at the moment but Backstrom and Ovi playing together on Dynamo kinda makes up for it 😀

  • Stacy Harrison

    Wish we could see these games be televised here. . .

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