Photo credit: Winslow Townson

The National Hockey League and the Players Association have made progress in the last few days towards ending the lockout, but the season’s not on yet. And that means one thing: more articles prying into the players’ personal lives based off Twitter posts!

And unlike the last time, this does not involve adorable dogs. Instead: (presumably) adorable babies. That’s because Troy Brouwer’s wife Carmen has recently given birth to a little girl by the name of Kylie Marie.

“We love her to death already,” Brouwer told Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago.

Unfortunately for our hits, Brouwer hasn’t tweeted any baby pictures yet… or joined Twitter. Still, huge congrats to #20.

  • warriorinside

    Congrats to the Brouwer family! What more or less is there to say than that?

  • Well, at first glance i thought the article said: “Troy Brouwer gives birth to baby girl…” hahahaha