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With the the National Hockey League and the Players Association making no further movement towards ending the lockout, Nicklas Backstrom officially made his move to the KHL today. Backstrom and Dynamo Moscow agreed in principle to a one-year deal, that will be severed only if the NHL lockout ends.

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This is really happening, you guys. Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin are now reunited. Backstrom was spotted by Sovetsky sport’s Pavel Lysenkov this afternoon taking a photo with Alex Ovechkin at Dynamo Moscow’s practice facility in Novogorsk. They couldn’t look happier, but Nicky’s contract status is still a bit murky.

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Alex Ovechkin gloves

Alex Ovechkin‘s older brother Sergei first introduced him to hockey as a kid. When Alex was 10 years old, Sergei died in a car accident. Since then, Ovi’s kept his brother’s memory close. On the gloves that Alex wears for Dynamo Moscow, Sergei’s name (Сергей Овечкин) is inscribed.

Gives a bit more meaning to the glove-kiss goal celebration.

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