Alex Ovechkin gloves

Alex Ovechkin‘s older brother Sergei first introduced him to hockey as a kid. When Alex was 10 years old, Sergei died in a car accident. Since then, Ovi’s kept his brother’s memory close. On the gloves that Alex wears for Dynamo Moscow, Sergei’s name (Сергей Овечкин) is inscribed.

Gives a bit more meaning to the glove-kiss goal celebration.

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  • iwearstripes

    If I recall correctly, he also “Sergey” near the top eyelet on his skates when he was still with CCM.

  • Makes me a bigger Ovechkin fan than before!

  • bgriffin819

    This is incredibly sentimental while also extremely thought provoking, I question how no one has mentioned Ovi still wearing Washington Capitals themed gloves. Granted, I understand the KHL is not the NHL on many levels, but you’d think if Ovi wanted white and blue gloves to match his current teams uniform… Bauer would have had them there weeks ago. For someone who is so pro lockout, wouldn’t you think he’d do everything in his power to leave any image of the NHL behind?