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With the the National Hockey League and the Players Association making no further movement towards ending the lockout, Nicklas Backstrom officially made his move to the KHL today. Backstrom and Dynamo Moscow agreed in principle to a one-year deal, that will be severed only if the NHL lockout ends.

Per Dynamo Moscow’s official website, Backstrom will sign his contract on Saturday.

Backstrom’s physical is planned for Saturday morning after which he’ll have his first training session with the club. Tomorrow night, Nicklas will then come to cheer for Dynamo in an away game against Atlant Mytyschi [Editor’s note: Mytyschi is a Moscow suburb].

The coolest part of the release, however, is the announcement of Backstrom’s new number. With Dynamo left-winger Denis Kokarev already wearing #19, Nicky has decided to wear #99, which is retired in the NHL for Wayne Gretzky. Backstrom will be the second player in KHL history to ever wear the number. If that isn’t an obvious sign of Backstrom’s intent to be a big-time playmaker on this team, I don’t know what is.

Below, check out a few photos the team photographer took of Backstrom while getting a tour of the team’s practice facility in Novogorsk from BFF Alex Ovechkin. The bro hug is amazing.


View’s full gallery here.

Translation by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Happy for Nick. Wanna cry for myself and fellow hockey fans. I feel like we’re becoming invisible.

  • if only that hug was on the streets of D.C

  • It makes me happy (as happy as I could possibly be mid-lockout) to know that they are together at least. The Russian people are getting a heck of a treat to be able to watch these two play on their own ice this season.

  • didnik

    I want a Dynamo shirt like Nicky’s.

  • Pig Bear Parrot

    At least Nicklas is using the Capitals bag though haha

  • Brandon Bubar

    What is Ovechkin’s shirt? I want it

  • Perhaps a really dumb question, but where can one buy decent Dynamo gear? Like, say, a Backstrom 99 jersey?