Alex Ovechkin Breaks Glass With His Head in Dynamo Win

With his newly signed BFF Nicklas Backstrom in attendance, Alex Ovechkin continued his point-per-game pace in the KHL, scoring his fifth goal of the season in Dynamo Moscow’s 4-1 win over Atlant Moscow Region. In 16:34 of ice time, Ovi had four shots on goal and — oh yeah — broke a pane of freaking glass with his head.

Let’s take a look at this hit!

As the six-foot five-inch, 218-lbs. Alexei Mikhnov tries to get the puck out of Atlant’s zone, Ovechkin comes at him like a freight train, knocking the giant to the ice and causing a turnover. As Ovi’s body bounces off Mikhnov’s, he tumbles backwards into the boards and slams his head into the glass. Because Ovechkin was crafted by the finest Soviet welders of the 1980s, the glass relents before his head, shattering into a bazillion pieces.

For his goal, Ovi fires a one-timer off the faceoff, won by Dmitry Pestunov. It was Ovechkin’s fifth of the KHL season and his twelfth point in twelve games.

Dynamo will play Lokomotiv on Monday. Will Nicklas Backstrom play?

Backstrom at today’s game. (Photo credit: Pavel Lysenkov)

  • Mkpanda78

    Did he get evaluated for a concussion? How did he hurt his hand with gloves on? Poor Ovi.

  • warriorinside

    Broken glass is sort of like sand in that it really can get everywhere.

  • warriorinside

    Good /grief/ Ovi. He’s lucky he wasn’t hurt worse – and I hope nobody sitting on the glass was hurt too badly either. Not like he did it on purpose either.

  • Katyusha

    I know that Ovechkin is made of old ball-bearing factories, but shouldn’t rink-side structures really be made of sterner stuff than this??