Alex Ovechkin Tries to Fight Two Lokomotiv Players

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While Alex Ovechkin is one of the game’s most feared scorers, he’s also not afraid to drop the gloves when the time is right. He’s fought Oleg Tverdovsky as a teenager, slugged Mike Richards during a preseason game, had Matt Bradley steal his fight with Steve Downie, and tried to fire his team up with a bout against Brandon Dubinsky.

On Monday during Dynamo Moscow’s 3-0 win over Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, the Capitals captain once again showed his fiery side, trying to get both Alexander Guskov and Maxim Trunyov to fight him in two separate incidents.

Let’s review both events in disconcerting reverse order!

Midway through the third period after Ovechkin checks Alexander Guskov into the boards, he gives him a shove in the back in an effort to say,”I’m not very pleased with you right now.” As he tries to skate away, Ovi puts his stick in Guskov’s midsection so that he can bring the other Sasha closer and the two can talk things out like mature human beings. After their conversation ends without a resolution, Ovechkin shakes his mitts, giving the universal sign for “I want to punch you many times in the face.” Guskov declines the invitation to fight. Ovechkin — still full of rage — then shoves Guskov down to the ice. He’s given a two-minute minor for roughing.

Ovi’s other angry encounter happens in the third period as well and in this incident, he’s not nearly as reserved. As Ovechkin brings the puck into Lokomotiv’s offensive zone, he takes a stick in the gut from Maxim Trunyov. The Russian machine immediately goes into “I must break you” mode. After he throws a few punches and tries to rip Trunyov’s jersey off, Ovechkin would be sent to the penalty box for roughing. Trunyov would get a two minute minor for hooking.

After the game, Ovi spoke to and explained his confrontation with Guskov.

I got elbowed in the head. I told him, “let’s fight.” I was refused. I think the game turned ugly. At least there were no injuries.

Yes, at least there’s that.


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Translation by Fedor Fedin.