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For more than half of my life, October has signaled the beginning of two things: the NHL regular season and the deranged glee of driving my car through piles of neighbors’ leaves arranged in neat pyramids in the street. Since the NHL owners and players cannot seem to master the art of sharing the rest of us learned in kindergarten, my bloodlust for foliage is the only thing getting me through these days.

So we’re in a weird spot. As hockey fans, that extra cash we set aside for Caps games, beers, and foam fingers is still in our pockets. This cannot stand; we must spend it on something. The RMNB inbox has swelled with a hundred different iterations of the same question: Where can I buy a Dynamo Moscow KHL jersey of Nick Backstrom or Alex Ovechkin? How about Traktor Chelyabinsk’s Evgeny Kuznetsov?

Since you guys are so supportive of us and already like us on our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter, I went to the trouble of researching and finding the best place to buy. My findings are below.

Unlike the NHL, the KHL does not sell customizable jerseys in their shop (at least as of right now). So we turn to the next best thing: the company that produces the jerseys. The Russian company Lutch is a partner with the Russian Hockey Federation, which is the official supplier of jerseys for KHL hockey clubs. And fortunately for us, Lutch has an English website that accepts American money and offers customizable jerseys.

So here are some links to buy jerseys of your favorite Caps players and prospects.

Nicklas Backstrom, Dynamo Moscow #99

Blue Home Jersey | White Away Jersey

Notes: Backstrom’s name is spelled out in English on his jersey. Lutch already has pre-made jerseys of Backstrom available, so select his name under the “Player” dropdown.

Alex Ovechkin, Dynamo Moscow #32

Blue Home Jersey | White Away Jersey

Notes: Ovechkin’s name is spelled out in English on his jersey. Lutch already has pre-made jerseys of Ovechkin available, so select his name under the “Player” dropdown.

Evgeny Kuznetsov, Traktor Chelyabinsk #92

Black Home Jersey | White Away Jersey

Notes: Kuznetsov’s name is spelled out in English on his jersey. Lutch already has pre-made jerseys of Kuzya available, so select his name under the “Player” dropdown.

There are a few other legit places to buy too. I’ve heard good things about The Jersey Hub (testimonials), as well as Pro Russian Jerseys. Though their websites look like they were built under Gorbachev. And if you need a shirt to wear under the jersey, I hear that the RMNB’s t-shirt store is a great place to buy from.

There you have it. You have your links. You can buy your jerseys. I’ve even suggested some nice undershirts to go with them. Go spend that non-NHL money.

If you have a success story about buying a KHL sweater or have any questions, please share in the comments below and let’s get a conversation going. We’ll try to steer you in the right direction.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Please tell us the Laich on Fire one is available somewhere.

  • I think the only way that’s happening is if you write Brooksie a really, really nice letter and ask him to bring one back for you.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    An open letter? Posted on RMNB? We’re in!

    We actually got close to getting a Laich Kloten shirt (, but apparently they’re sold out. At least as far as we can tell via Google Translate. You don’t know a more reliable translation technique, do you?


    But seriously – any idea what the Kloten jersey sizes mean? (

  • For anyone who wants a Torpedo Semin jersey — remember he’s #32 and his last name is spelled SYOMIN on the back — you can preorder it here from The Jersey Hub

  • I bought an Ovi blue Dynamo jersey from Lutch last month. You can get the name in English or in Russian. The check out was a little strange, but once it linked up with Paypal everything was fine. It took about 4 weeks to get to Baltimore. They said everything is manufactured in Russia, shipped to them in California, then shipped out. The only drawback about the KHL jersey is they are real playing jerseys, so the sleeves are huge. Since I am a fan and not an actual player they can get in the way a bit.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, Brandon!

  • Thanks for doing the research.

  • Marion

    About how much do they cost?

  • Snow-Ape


  • snow-ape

    I actually ordered one for the wife through Klotens website… its infuriating and tedious as you’ll have to contact someone there in English plus it takes 4 weeks.

  • the cotton shirt is currently sold out… it says that it’ll be in stock again on Nov 2nd. can’t help you with the sizes though, I suggest you get one with sizes S-XL. I don’t think they sell the topscorer shirts anywhere.. but there’s no name on them anyway!

  • Andrew

    Brandon. Did you go Replica or Pro and how is the quality?

  • Marion, about $80-$150 depending on what you want. Check out the links above.

  • I went with the replica. So everything is pressed, nothing is embroidered.

  • And Backstrom will be wearing a different number soon, don’t forget that.

  • zero

    Did you get the pro jersey? If you did were the numbers and name stitched on or pressed?

  • Sage Confucius

    Brandon, thanks for the extra info and the picture. I ordered a
    Backstrom jersey a few days ago and was curious about the quality and
    how it would look. I feel much better about the money I spent.

  • Great. I’m definitely thinking about the Syomin one. Thanks for finding the link!

  • I ordered the Backstrom99 jersey yesterday. According to the email receipt, shipping will take 3-4 weeks, as noted by Brandon above. I had no problems at checkout and was able to use a credit card.

    There’s a $5.00 discount code on the Lutch facebook page: “Sept2012”. I used it yesterday, and it worked.

  • Rick

    I spent my Caps ticket money on Ravens tix….

  • Thank you for a great Review and Article! If anyone has any questions regarding jerseys please email us at! Also, if there is a player missing in any of our drop downs, just email us and we’ll add him in quickly. No reason why you should be paying extra for a non-custom jersey. Also, use our code “Sept2012” at check out and receive $5 OFF, valid until October 31 only!!! Thanks again!

  • ^ These guys ^

  • You can also order Torpedo Syomin at

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  • capsfan

    Beware – Backstrom isnt wearing 99. he is wearing 69 but Lutch has that too

  • Simon Braun

    My jersey arrived yesterday (November 29), and I like everything about it. Very good quality fabric and stitching, and it fits as expected. It came almost 5 weeks from when I ordered it (October 24).