“No hand shakes. My germs would kill normal man.” (Photo credit: dynamo.ru)

Alex Ovechkin sat out Dynamo Moscow’s home game on Monday against Dinamo Riga due to a bad case of bronchitis and a high temperature. Instead of staying in bed, Ovi journeyed to the Luzhniki arena to support his teammates and sign autographs for fans during the second period. The autograph session was immensely popular, as a large chunk of the 5,209 in attendance on Monday clogged the mezzanine area to try and meet Ovechkin.

Line to meet Ovi > line at the grocery store, just barely.

Photo credit: dynamo.ru

Ovi’s still a rock star in his hometown.

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  • I WAS THERE. Well, not in that line, but at that game.

  • niko

    cool story, bro

  • Awesome. How was it?

  • Prediction: Ovechkin becomes Patient Zero for Russian infection of Captain Tripps…

  • Dark Stranger

    I actually could not believe that Moscow Dynamo would really hold an autograph session with Ovi when he was ill (and reportedly with a high fever). Not something I would recommend. Figure too much exposure of disease to too many people. And how would Ovi himself hold up, as well, when he should have been lying down somewhere to rest? Great that he’s popular but a bad time to do it. (Anyway, kudos to you all for covering all the Ovi news.)

  • Pretty boring. Nicky rocks.

  • I read that the session would be cancelled if fever was that high. Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s actually nothing serious.