Off the shaft of Nicky’s stick and in. (GIF by cadetsandkings)

On Monday, Nicklas Backstrom scored his first KHL goal. Utilizing the shaft of his stick, Backstrom deflected a waist-high shot into the back of the net. It was a brilliant play. Surely it would be the most magical moment of the day I thought.

Well, it was until Backstrom was interviewed by the press after the game.

As Nicky takes a question from a reporter, he flips his hair. Backstrom’s grandiose hair flip is a cross between what Rider Strong used to do on Boy Meets World and Pamela Anderson during one of those slo-mo beach scenes on Baywatch.

GIF by bohvechkin.

Allow me to obsess for a moment. Nicky’s blonde locks could start– and then end– a war. You could put skates and a helmet on that hair, and it’d start breaking Gretzky’s records. You could start a society that has no cash money and base all trade on the Backstrom Hair Standard. Just look at him go.

I’d do the same if I had hair on my head like that. Or any hair at all. Which I don’t.

Life’s not fair.

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  • Flobbenschnook

    In my homeland of shchebdhskdhdjdystan, this how you say “hair flip” is a customary greeting. It is used to convey an ambivalent set of emotions, consisting of slight immorality, utter veneration, and a “WOE TO THE REPUBLIC!” attitude. I happen to know this so-called “Nicklas Backstrom” very well. We are 349238758th cousins fifty-six times removed. It could be that he means to destroy us all for recognizing this gesture. My insight is both a gift AND a curse. ONLY THE MOST SACRED HOUND CAN SAVE US NOW!!!! Woe to those who disdain the CRY OF THE HOUND! Once, I broke my throat chewing on the Bones Of The Hound. Anyway, back on subject! We will all be subject to a most cruel and bitter death should The Hound not be appeased! I suggest that you ALL run out under the cover of the new moon, gather wild clover, and sing the Praises Of the Hound while deep-creek fishing for the leprechauns. Hark, hark, and away with thee! WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE!

  • I’ve missed those blonde locks….and is it just me or did it seem like Mike Green was trying to grow his hair out à la Nicky this summer????