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We almost broke the internets when we published video of Caps first-round pick Filip Forsberg dancing to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” after a 6-0 blowout by Leksands IF. It appeared to be a once-in-a-blue-moon type of celebration – something I assumed the shy Forsberg would never do again.

But since then, Leksands IF has scored six goals in three straight games, including a 6-1 mollywhopping of Anton Gustafsson’s Asplövenon on Friday. The win returned Leksands IF to the top of the Swedish Allsvenskan League.

And it brought Forsberg and teammate Martin Janolhs back to the dance floor for an encore performance.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” begins playing at 34 seconds. Forsberg begins dancing at 1:33.

This time, Forsberg kicks it up a notch, adding more showmanship and some razor-sharp footwork to the bit — because if there was one thing that last time lacked, it was the chance of a severed foot. The dance goes smoothly until Forsberg catches a rut in the carpet on his final hop, causing him to nearly head-butt a metal fan on the wall. Not sure how he’d explain that injury to George McPhee.

Hockey players are creatures of habit and superstition. 18-year-old Forsberg may now believe that having an elaborate dance routine similar to the Funkasaurus equals wins. While the lockout has crushed my soul, Filip Forsberg, you and your boy band dance moves are the only things that kept this from being the Worst October Ever.

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