Tom Wilson Breaks Knuckle in Fight With One Big Punch

When George McPhee selected Tom Wilson at #16 in this past year’s draft, the Washington Capitals GM said he was enamored with Wilson’s toughness and offensive upside. The six-foot, four-inch behemoth performed for the Plymouth Whalers during the playoffs, scoring 7 goals and 6 assists in 13 playoff games. He also opened some eyes during last year’s CHL Top Prospects game, breaking his knuckle in a fight against Dalton Thrower.

Well, he did it again. This time, Wilson broke his knuckle in a fight with Mitchell Fitzmorris, where he TKO’d the Kingston Frontenacs’ left wing out with a haymaker.

Video below the jump.

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“Hey! They spelled my name wrong! What gives!” (Photo credit:

When Nicklas Backstrom made his debut for Dynamo Moscow Monday, he was surrounded by familiar faces. Alex Ovechkin flanked him at left wing on the first line and former teammate Semyon Varlamov was in net for Lokomotiv. Dynamo had no trouble getting over that potential awkwardness however, turning in one of their most solid wins on the year, a 3-0 shutout of Lokomotiv. Ovechkin, who sure was in a punchy mood that day, had a goal and an assist. Backstrom also contributed a helper.

On Wednesday, the Caps reunion continued as Dynamo traveled to Nizhny Novgorod for the first ever BATTLE OF THE SASHAS © (imagine the Super Bowl but on ice and everyone wears pants that are half sweatpants/half jeans).

Unfortunately for Ovechkin, the trip to see his other BFF Alex Semin didn’t go so well.

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Photo credit: Pavel Lysenkov

For more than half of my life, October has signaled the beginning of two things: the NHL regular season and the deranged glee of driving my car through piles of neighbors’ leaves arranged in neat pyramids in the street. Since the NHL owners and players cannot seem to master the art of sharing the rest of us learned in kindergarten, my bloodlust for foliage is the only thing getting me through these days.

So we’re in a weird spot. As hockey fans, that extra cash we set aside for Caps games, beers, and foam fingers is still in our pockets. This cannot stand; we must spend it on something. The RMNB inbox has swelled with a hundred different iterations of the same question: Where can I buy a Dynamo Moscow KHL jersey of Nick Backstrom or Alex Ovechkin? How about Traktor Chelyabinsk’s Evgeny Kuznetsov?

Since you guys are so supportive of us and already like us on our Facebook fan page and follow us on Twitter, I went to the trouble of researching and finding the best place to buy. My findings are below.

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Kloten Flyers Fans’ Homemade Sign For Brooks Laich

Brooks Laich has played just nine games for the Kloten Flyers, but he’s already becoming a fan favorite. In the Flyers most recent home game, a couple of fans showed up to Kolping Arena with a special homemade sign for their leading scorer. Two observations. First: why haven’t we done this at Caps games yet? Second: Kloten fans should hold the sign by the glass and if Brooks scores, he should skate over and hit the LAICH button. I promise, I came up with that idea all by myself.

Photo credit: @kukey68_ch.

Thanks to @recordsANDradio for tweeting.

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On Monday Nicklas Backstrom, sporting his new #99 jersey, made his debut for Dynamo Moscow and returned to a familiar spot: centering Alex Ovechkin on the top line. The BFFs clicked instantly.

Backstrom assisted on the first goal of the game, a snapshot by Ovechkin past Lokomotiv Yaroslavl goaltender (and former teammate) Semyon Varlamov on the power play. Ovechkin would add an assist in the third period (and also challenge half of Lokomotiv’s roster to a fight). Dynamo won 3-0.

To the video!

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Alex Ovechkin Tries to Fight Two Lokomotiv Players

“Only my buddy Nicky can wear #99!” (Photo credit:

While Alex Ovechkin is one of the game’s most feared scorers, he’s also not afraid to drop the gloves when the time is right. He’s fought Oleg Tverdovsky as a teenager, slugged Mike Richards during a preseason game, had Matt Bradley steal his fight with Steve Downie, and tried to fire his team up with a bout against Brandon Dubinsky.

On Monday during Dynamo Moscow’s 3-0 win over Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, the Capitals captain once again showed his fiery side, trying to get both Alexander Guskov and Maxim Trunyov to fight him in two separate incidents.

Let’s review both events in disconcerting reverse order!

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On Saturday, Filip Forsberg‘s Leksands Idrottsförening delivered its biggest beatdown of the season defeating the Malmö Redhawks 6-0. Forsberg, who has been racking up points at a Gretzky-like pace, surprisingly didn’t get his name on the scoresheet, but he did deliver the most memorable moment of the day.

Celebrating their victory in the locker room, Viasat cameras caught the players blasting PSY’s “Gangnam Style.”

Forberg and teammate Martin Janolhs got up from the bench and perfectly executed the Gangnam Style dance. If you study this video as meticulously as I have, you’ll notice Forsberg has dance moves on par with JC Chasez in “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

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Brooks Laich’s Bio Picture for the Kloten Flyers

Brooks Laich

Before leaving for Europe, Brooks Laich had some harsh words for Gary Bettman. But in his bio picture for the Kloten Flyers of the Swiss National League A, the man looks downright cheerful. And who can blame him? Look at the sweet helmet he gets to wear. The Kloten Flyers’ stürmer (striker!) is listed as being 188 centimeters tall and weighing 95 kilograms. The metric system makes people sound enormous.

Thanks to blondstrom for initially posting.

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GIFs of Alex Ovechkin Breaking Glass

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During Alex Ovechkin‘s storied NHL career, he’s broken sticks, goal cameras, and faces. He’s also broken the glass with a hit more than once. Playing Colorado in 2006, Ovechkin nailed defenseman Karlis Skrastins with a shoulder check that exploded a pane of Pepsi Center glass. Ovechkin was pleased with himself, telling The Washington Post’s Tarik El-Bashir,”First time [to break glass] for me. I was surprised, like wow, I’m strong.”

Six years later, Ovechkin showed how mighty he is again, this time breaking a pain of glass after body-checking Alexei Mikhnov. Thanks to welshhockeyfan, here is a lovely assortment of GIFs.

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Let’s start with a disclosure: we aren’t actively covering the lockout. Financial negotiations (and their public face) are all about posturing, tedium, and equivocation, whereas our principal interest in hockey has always been scoar, moar, and goals. That said, our Alex Ovechkin has spoken out about the ongoing melee between NHL ownership and players, and it’s definitely newsworthy.

Talking with SovSport’s Dmitry Ponomarenko after Saturday’s game, Ovechkin gave his spin on the NHL’s offer to the players earlier this week, dismissing the proposal as “nothing new” and “good only after a quick look.” Ovechkin continued:

If we speak in Russian, the NHL provided a beautiful dream to the media and fans, but in reality it’s a lie. It’s showboating. The league is trying to show that they are kind of working, trying to save the season, but they offer nothing new. It’s all the same, just in different words.

In the interview, Ovechkin carries some water for the players’ association, but he ends with a bombshell: he is willing to walk away from the NHL if the new CBA is no good.

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