Video: Matt Bradley is Still Matt Bradley, Even in Finland

My favorite Caps player (okay, two-way tie with Chris Simon) Matt Bradley has found new hockey life with Finland’s TuTo. Last time we saw him, Matt took a nasty hit and was subsequently bought out by the Florida Panthers. The video above shows Bradley’s first shift with the TuTo, and it gives us a good idea if he’s actually recovered from that injury.

Let’s play a game: I’m not gonna tell you which guy Bradley is. Just watch the clip, and then you tell me. Thick and proud, baby.

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  • Also, here’s a pretty cool pic of Brads when he first signed. Game face: ON.

  • Post game quotes from his coach, Juhani Tamminen:
    “And last but not least Matt Bradley. Just fucking amazing. A hit that shortened the opponents bench by half a meter in his first shift.”

    “This is a guy you should come see even from further away, this guy doesn’t leave anyone cold. They haven’t seen a guy this tough/good (same word in Finnish spoken language) at Kupittaa yet.”

  • Santeri

    I’ve already circled the dates when Bradley’s team plays in my hometown. You think he would still sign Caps gear?

  • I am sure he would gladly sign Caps gear. Have a blast! Tell him Peter says hi.

  • That is terrific. Thanks, Valtteri.

  • Before reading Valty’s comment I thought Bradley TOOK the hit, not really hit a guy himself.

  • Jack

    Now who can point me to where I can get a TuTo Bradley jersey?

  • Rhino40

    To steal a quote from Down Goes Brown:
    That’s the Brads we know an love (and miss) :'(

  • Red

    Used to like Bradley until he made those comments about Semin. After that I wrote him out of my good-guy book. You don’t talk trash about your former teammates. Low class.