On Tuesday, Marcus Johansson became the sixth Washington Capital to sign in Europe, agreeing to a short-term contract with BIK Karlskoga of the Swedish Allsvenskan League. Johansson is pretty much playing for free, as Karlskoga is paying his insurance, which is $5,000 a month.

On Thursday, Mojo suited up and made his debut, skating on Karlskoga’s second line as their right-winger. Wearing familiar #90, Johansson finished without points and a minus-1 in Karlskoga’s 3-1 loss to Södertälje.

Meanwhile, Johansson’s new teammate, Martin Thelander, posted a video on Viasat’s Facebook page documenting a typical gameday for him. Johansson is included in the clip, interviewed by Thelander, who interviews Mojo with a banana.

Johansson is interviewed at the 1:08 mark. Translation by Jacob Ware.

Subtitle: Tuesday, 08:12 A short chat with Mackan during the morning skate

Thelander:“So the deal is done. Marcus Johansson to BIK. They chatted for an hour and then it was done. How does it feel, Mackan?

Johansson: It feels great. It’ll be fun to play.

Thelander: Now I owe you a McDonalds meal, with a milkshake. The other thing we had agreed on was that [one of our teammates] wouldn’t fart in the car. How did [the drive to the rink] go today?

Johansson: Oh, it went really well.

Thelander: Yeah, that’s why you’re here.

Who knew Swedes had so much personality?

Thanks to Fedor Fedin for initially finding the video.