Sean Avery on his bike in Manhattan.

Sean Avery is one of the biggest assholes in NHL history, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a heart off the ice. As Hurricane Sandy rolled through New York City earlier this week, Avery jumped on his bicycle with filmmaker Casey Neistat to explore the devastation of downtown Manhattan. The team spent four hours in the storm, capturing film of the flooding and even helping a man trapped in his car. Shame we didn’t see this side of Avery before he retired this summer, because this version of the guy– dutiful and selfless– is damn likable.

To all of our readers who were affected by the storm: our hearts go out to you. We encourage everyone to donate some spare change to the Red Cross to help out the victims and expedite recovery.

And finally, any excuse to link to this. It never gets old. LONG LIVE HURRICANE HORSE.

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  • It’s not really fair to say “a new leaf” considering his campaigning for gay equality. hes been known to have a heart.

  • CanadianCapsFan

    Avery’s from the same hometown as myself and i’ve known his family for years, even played hockey with a few of them. he’s an absolute asshole, i had a tough time believing his support of gay rights was genuine, as i have a tough time believing that this is genuine. he’s in love with his own celebrity.

  • He may have been an asshole as a player. but I’d still rather have had him on our team than having to face him.

  • I agree with this statement…but only if we scratched him every game.

  • JenStatz8

    Is it bad that I think the BEST part of this article is finding out that Sean Avery is retiring? 🙂

  • I didn’t say he was a nice person, I said he was known to have a heart.