We’ve been through this before. No matter how poor I am, my frugal instincts go out the window when Washington Capitals treasures are unearthed online. So that’s why on eBay last week, I shelled out even more cash on some vintage postcards depicting two iconic Capitals in all their early 80s glory.

Washington Capitals Postcard of Craig Laughlin From 1984

Locker might have added a few wrinkles, but that smile hasn’t changed a bit.

Quebec Nordiques Postcard of Dale Hunter From 1980

Before donning Caps red, white, and blue, Dale raised hell for the Nords. Check out that Burt Reynoldsy chest hair.

BONUS! Video of a Young Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin

This just feels like it should be in here too.

  • Awwww … now I miss Joe B and Locker’s trademark banter more than ever.

  • *And* Smokin’ Al!

  • Manda

    Thank you for posting that video! Joe B.’s shoulders are as wide as he is tall (weird seeing him without a tie). Love them!