And Now… The Caps-Themed Garter Belt!

When it comes to sports, Kayleigh and Nick have just one thing in common: the Washington Capitals. The Caps are the only team in any sport that the couple can agree on, and going to Caps games has been a big part of their relationship for the last four years. When they get married next summer, Kayleigh and Nick have found a way to get the Caps involved.

Presenting the Caps-themed garter belt: the final frontier for the red to be rocked.

It’s a fitting ritual for the couple. Kayleigh’s day job at Elliot in the Morning has her interacting with the Caps every once in a while, hosting celebrity bartending parties at Front Page Arlington and the like. A longtime fan, Nick still remembers with sadness the Capitals’ Stanley Cup Finals loss to the Red Wings in 1998. Together they’ve attended a bunch of games up in the nosebleeds, usually stopping by the Irish pub Fado before filing into Verizon Center. When watching from their home in Frederick, it’s all rowdy cowbells and Rock the Red towels.

Not lately, of course. The NHL’s ongoing lockout has put a damper on hockey-related celebrations. The Caps players have fled, Chinatown is comparably empty on what should be game nights, and the closest approximation to Caps hockey is two hours up the road in Hershey.

But in spite of a lockout that leaves more and more fans cynical and dejected, Kayleigh still found an intimate way to get the team she and her husband-to-be love so much involved in their big day. Using the wonder that is Etsy, Kayleigh found and ordered the customized garter, scheduled to be flung into the air in June.

I’d consider it an added bonus if the happy couple get to watch a couple Caps games between now and then.

Congratulations and best wishes to Nick and Kayleigh from us at RMNB!

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  • Brouwer Rangers

    How did I not think of this 6 weeks ago? Too late now.

  • My wife wore one at our wedding 4 years ago. When I tossed the garter, all the single guys were in awe of it.

  • Elena K

    I’m so sad I didn’t think of this when we got married in May. They lost the final game on May 12th, our wedding day. Maybe they would have won… *le sigh*

  • Hey! I didn’t know you got hitched. Congrats!

  • pics or it didn’t happen

  • Guess I have to go to the wedding.

  • So cute! Definitely going to remember this. Many happy wishes to Kayleigh and Nick!

  • I found these garter belts online last year!!! I immediately emailed the link to my friend who was getting married in August of this year (I was a bridesmaid, and am also a ginormous Caps fan so I felt it was my duty to let her know about it). She and her husband are huge Caps fans and it was great surprise for him when he crawled up under her wedding gown to fetch it for the garter toss 🙂