Backstrom holds his cake and poses with Dynamo fans. (Photo credit:

Since arriving in Russia to play for Alex Ovechkin’s Dynamo Moscow, Nicklas Backstrom has gotten the royal treatment. He’s lived at Dynamo’s practice facility, forced to take #99 as a jersey number (because he’s so darn great), and been invited by Ovi to some sweet celebrity-hosted parties. On Backstrom’s 25th birthday bash on Friday, the Dynamo organization and its fans went even further, creating giant banners and signs for Nicky. After his four-point game, Backstrom was then given a birthday cake. Granted, it didn’t have any of those rocket-fueled candles like Ovi’s did earlier this year.

Hm. It’s almost like they’re trying to steal him away from us or something…

Photos From Backstrom’s Birthday

The sign says “Happy Birthday, Nicky!”

Dynamo fans’ banner for NB19. View’s full gallery of photos here.

Video of Backstrom’s Big Day On The Ice

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  • breaklance

    Noooo Nicky come back to us, my WC jersey will be so lonely without you. Seriously though, is anyone else getting even more frustrated with the lockout because of how well Ovie and Lars are doing in the K?

  • Dark Stranger

    It almost reminds me of how an Oakland A’s fan would feel about the NY Yankees team from 1975-1978 when the Yankees had started winning with many of the main stars from the A’s, back when free agency in baseball had just started.

    But getting frustrated with the lockout in general. Especially with dissension brewing among many of our other guys.

  • serpent

    A man has to be really special when he’s loved in so many languages . The Russian fans went all out to make him happy. Kudos to them,big time! Just so they remember he’s a rental, not a keeper!!

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