The lockout is miserable, but at least we get NHL stars participating in silly AHL promotions. Check out Braden Holtby (front row, second to the left) and Dmitry Orlov (back row, dude wearing the hardhat) doing their best to raise money for the American Cancer Society by showing off new pink t-shirts and sticks. The “Pink The Rink” shirts will be available for purchase at the Bears game on Sunday behind section 117, and the pink sticks they use during warm-ups will be up for silent auction behind section 119.

That’s great and all, but where can I buy that hard-hat Dima’s wearing?

Photo credit: Hershey Bears Facebook page.

  • Mama1

    Since when is raising money for breast cancer SILLY?! You guys really need to choose your words a little more wisely.

  • Peter

    The cause isn’t silly, the tactic is. You can tell by the goofy smiles on their faces. Words were chose carefully.

  • Mama1

    That’s not what was written. Read the sentence. Also, its chosen not chose.

  • Peter

    The promotion is silly. It’s a silly way to promote a good cause. If you want to be pedantic there are better places for that.

  • Mama1

    You’re right….they meant one thing but mistakenly typed another. Thanks for supporting my point.

  • It’s just like saying if they ran a 5k all dressed as Bears to raise money. What their doing is silly, not what their doing it for.

  • Maybe it’s silly because hardly anyone ISN’T aware of cancer and it’s time to move on from awareness to action (prevention and a cure, maybe?). Still, at least it’s for the American Cancer Society and not for Komen.

  • Sad thing is that ACS is rated even better than Komen according to Charity Navigator (which does not discriminate b/t awareness and research, which they really should)

  • Mattias Sjögren does not look happy.