“So I hear the Bettman get meteor. How burning rock solve lockout????” (Photo credit: dynamo.ru)

Fueled by two bonafide NHL superstars, Dynamo Moscow has recently had the power to rally back from big deficits. Against Vityaz on Tuesday, they came back to win after a 2-1 third-period deficit, and against Severstal on Friday they won despite being down 3-0 heading into the second. On Monday, after falling behind early to Atlant Moscow Region, Dynamo still seemed like could pull it out considering their sizable 11-4 shot advantage after the first period.

Dynamo couldn’t make the magic happen for a third consecutive game. Despite two assists from Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin, Dynamo fell to Atlant 5-2.

Video, ahoy!

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Dynamo Fans Sing Happy Birthday to Nicklas Backstrom

Last week, Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom celebrated his 25th birthday in Russia. To mark the day, Dynamo Moscow fans gave him a birthday cake in the shape of a hockey jersey. The club published this video of  an adoring Russian throng singing “Happy Birthday” to him. It’s cute, but Backstrom chanting “Dy-Na-Mo” along with them at the end is enough to break your hockey heart.

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Dmitry Orlov’s Shootout Fails

Dima losing the puck. Poor guy.

If you’ve ever watched warm-ups before a Capitals or Bears game, you may have noticed a pattern. Dmitry Orlov will spend 10 minutes zig-zagging along the red line, working on his puck-handling skills. Orlov, a defenseman who loves jumping up on the rush like Mike Green, is attracted to offense like a moth to a flame. During his younger days in Russia, Orlov was used routinely during shootouts.

At last year’s Caps Development Camp, Igor Kleyner asked Orlov if he’d like opportunities in the shootout once he came to North America. Orlov nodded and explained,”I think any player would want to get a chance to score in a shootout, although you need to be able to handle the situation mentally,” he said. “You have to be confident; you can’t be nervous. It’s mostly a game of nerves: goalie versus the shooter.”

When Orlov came to America to begin his professional career, his above-average offense was apparent. On November 18, 2011, when the Hershey Bears visited the Syracuse Crunch, Bears head coach Mark French played a hunch and sent out Orlov during the gimmick to see what he could do.

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