Dynamo Fans Sing Happy Birthday to Nicklas Backstrom

Last week, Washington Capitals center Nicklas Backstrom celebrated his 25th birthday in Russia. To mark the day, Dynamo Moscow fans gave him a birthday cake in the shape of a hockey jersey. The club published this video of  an adoring Russian throng singing “Happy Birthday” to him. It’s cute, but Backstrom chanting “Dy-Na-Mo” along with them at the end is enough to break your hockey heart.

It’s like seeing your ex-girlfriend date someone else. You think you’re just on a break or something, but here she is getting serious with someone else. Now they’re holding hands and exchanging stupid looks and omigod now they have a dog? What’shegotthatidon’thavedammit. Ughhhh. This sucks. Give him back give him back. We saw him first.

  • Well… at least they are taking good care of him. God, that sucked to watch. We miss you, Nicky!

  • edgpon

    As soon as season starts this ex-girlfriend will be back, but the real heartbreak will be when Caps plays against Canes and Semin will put one of those bullet shots from 0 angle in top corner

  • I love the Caps to death but I’d rather see our guys somewhere else having success and being happy then dressing up every week and talking for hours about a topic that will take more than a handshake to resolve

  • supercontinental

    You guys should’ve done Birthday Cards with Nicky too lol.

  • Next year, totes. This man must know we are in this for the long haul. Crucial oversight by me!

  • Yeah, it sort of sucked, but the video also made my day. I’m glad that the Dynamo fans are getting attached to him and caring about him. Hey, and I like the “girlfriend” analogy. Thanks to RMNB for this!