Blame it on my birthday; blame it on turkey day. Last week, during Dynamo’s 4-2 loss to Severstal Cherepovets, I totally dropped the ball.

Alex Ovechkin did more than get the C stitched on his jersey, grab an assist, and complain ad nauseam about the zebras. He also had one of those thunderous body checks, the kind where you wonder how many of his 206 bones are made from Soviet steel.

As Ovechkin carried the puck in the third period, Severstal’s Nikolai Kazakovtsev decided that he wanted to be a hero. He tried to impede the Russian machine’s entrance into the zone. In the end, it would prove to be foolish for the forward of Severstal. Like a runaway train with no brakes, Ovechkin mowed through the the 22-year-old, sticking a shoulder in his chest and dropping him to the ice.

Though, Nikolai, you better not leg-scissor our website’s namesake like that ever again, or there will be some problems.

Since welshhockeyfan is the greatest, here’s GIFs of this delicious hit.


That’s the stuff.

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