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Reader Stephen C. forwarded us this email. On Monday, Ticketmaster sent him a campaign promoting the December 4th Capitals/Islanders at Nassau Coliseum. Except there’s this lockout thing going on, so that ain’t happening. We figured it was just a screw-up in the system, some email marketing intern noob flying off the handle. Stephen thinks it is a sign that “our long (inter)national nightmare is nearing an end.”

On Wednesday night, I got this apology in my inbox from Ticketmaster.

NHL Fan,

As you may have noticed from an email we sent Monday (where certain canceled NHL games were showcased) those of us at Ticketmaster really miss hockey!

Given the league’s recent announcement regarding canceled games through December 14th, tickets are not available to be purchased. Please disregard any indications that tickets for those games are currently on-sale. We apologize for this error, and we look forward to seeing you at future NHL events!



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