Alex Ovechkin’s Favorite Color Is Blue

The guy’s a natural.

In “oh my God, end the fucking lockout already” news, Nike just released a video promoting their new holiday sportswear. The two-minute clip features Alex Ovechkin (looking more like JAWS from Bond than ever before) modeling super-tight Nike gear and answering personal questions.

Everything goes gr8 until Ovechkin starts blabbering on about his favorite color. Blue.

BLUE?! No, no, no, no Ovi. Red is your favorite color. It’s not Rock The Blue: it’s Rock The Red. Everyday that passes, I get more and more scared that Putin Dynamo Moscow fans have created some kind of brain-washing device to keep Ovechkin and Backstrom for themselves when the lockout ends. But that’s just silly. Hahahaha. [looks scared] …Right? Ugh.

Below the jump, check out the video, and Ovechkin’s full transcript, lovingly translated by RMNB’s Igor Kleyner.

My name is Alexander Ovechkin. I am an athlete. I play for the Washington Capitals in the NHL and for Russian National Team.

My most important victory so far has been the World Championships, when we won the gold. Hockey for me is my life, my success, and my future.

I cheer for the whole Russian sport, and as an athlete, I understand how difficult it is to win something, and how much honor and respect it is.

My favorite colors are dark and light blue… brighter colors, because life is bright! [ha-ha]

Airmax – I really like these.

You must go forward, not stop at what you have achieved. You can’t go down, you have to go up and up.

You drive a car as fast as you can, you run as fast as you can. I think speed is one of the meanings of life for me, my success.

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