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In Dynamo’s 3-1 win over Lokomotiv Wednesday, Alex Ovechkin extended his KHL point-streak to nine games with a first period assist on a Leo Komarov goal. But it was Ovechkin’s comments after the game with Sport-Express, where the real fireworks happened.

When asked about his recent interview with the Russian newspaper Vechernyaya Moskva (Evening Moscow) where he said that his “soul was still with Washington,” the Capitals captain revealed that he never said such words.

“I did not give this interview,” Ovechkin said. “Dynamo’s PR called the newspaper and tried to investigate how it happened.”

The article has since been deleted from’s website. Hmm.

When asked about the positive developments in regards to the NHL lockout, Ovi stressed that he hasn’t heard much from New York.

I’ve said it 300 times and I’m gonna say it for 301st time: I’m still in Russia and there’s no progress across the ocean. I haven’t talked with [anybody in] America about the latest meetings. I don’t know what terms of agreement will be there. 15 players and 5 owners said “yes”. But the decision should be made collectively by the League and Union and not by the 20 people who talked for six hours and have made the decision. We’re not talking about making favors to anybody or getting credit in the bank — we’re trying to get a long-term deal.

Ovechkin would go on to avoid promising to play in Dynamo’s game Friday against CSKA. “I’m not ready to say that. Even if an agreement is reached tonight, I still need to figure out what the conditions are.”

Ovechkin’s assist comes at the very beginning of the video.

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