Report: Gary Bettman Wants NHL Lockout Ended on Friday

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett

The last few days, there have been a number of positive signs that the NHL lockout may be near an end. In a Russian interview, Ovechkin revealed that his soul was still in DC and in two seperate reports from The Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s Rob Rossi and WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton, sources have revealed that the two sides are finally working together constructively.

Now, former NHL player and current Sportsnet broadcaster Nick Kypreos has gone a bit further, saying that Bettman, behind-the-scenes, wants a new CBA completed in a matter of days.

“Apparently Gary is ready to get a deal done,” Kypreos said on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central show, which was reported in a story by The Edmonton Journal. “He wants this thing done Friday. Friday!”

The panelists of Hockey Central also speculated that training camps could open within 10 days.

[Former NHL GM] Doug MacLean said there had been great progress in Tuesday’s talks between the players and the owners. “The owners are saying they’re going to be flexible and the players are saying they’re going to be flexible.”

Rumours are circulating that coaches are now calling players, telling them to be ready for training camp on Dec. 14, MacLean and Kypreos said.

The players are being told to, “Be ready!” Kypreos said.

You can read the entire Edmonton Journal story here.

I’m not sure what to believe here, but please, please, please let it be right.

Ice returns to Verizon Center! (Photo credit: @bitler7)

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  • warriorinside

    Ha. Wonder if NBC finally grabbed him by the cojones or something.

  • shorty

    The Hershey Bears are playing at the Verizon Center tomorrow night but hopefully the lockout is over very soon!!

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  • Please, please let it be true! My birthday is in a two and a half weeks and this would be an awesome present!

  • Jose

    Please let this be thruth. If not, he deserves to have his balls chopped for playing with everybody that far. One thing’s to say “there’s progress”, one to “want an agreement by friday” and not deliver.

    For a change the Pens may have done something good, appears it was their owner and captain who sort of pushed through, together with Vinnik. And it’s tiny, but I’m happy to see that asshole of Jacobs turned down for once. Apparently he said to leave but was shut down by Vinnik, Burkle and couple others. I think he deserves, if not more, the same hatred Bettman’s getting.

    Ffs, look at what even Bruins fans themselves have to say to that guy:

    He’s a cancer to this league.