Semyon Varlamov Plays Sumo Suit Hockey With Kids

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The last time we visited former Capitals goaltender Semyon Varlamov on this site, he was showing off his gracefulness by falling on his heinie after winning the World Championship with Russia. Since then, Varly signed a lockout contract with his old Russian Super League team, Yaroslavl Lokomotiv, and has been a total stud. He currently leads all KHL goaltenders in GAA (1.63) and SV% (.951). He’s also got a scintillating 7-2-3 record.

Those superstar numbers, however, hasn’t stopped Varly from being one with his people. Last night, in Yaroslavl, Varlamov participated in a charity circus performance, hosting over 1,000 kids from orphanages around the area. He signed autographs, answered questions from fans, and… dressed up in a sumo suit. That’s not a typo.

Okay, then.


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  • Varly’s been out with a knee injury since the CSKA game on 11/21/12 and he was left off the Channel One Cup roster for Russia on Dec 13-16 because of his knee. Lokomotiv hasn’t exactly been releasing any injury updates but then they posted a bunch of pics of this event on their instagram yesterday. I’m thinking Varly’s knee is ok if he’s bouncing around in a sumo hockey suit.

    Here’s another video of the event. You can see Varly playing some of the games with the kids, and if you want to see him try being a sumo hockey goalie, go to the 4 minute mark. Every time he makes a save, he falls over and they have to pick him up!

  • Snow-ape

    I was going to say I was surprised he could make it through the even without hurting his knee or groin…

  • Seems like this is the lazy Caps fan response to any news about Varly. If you paid attention to him, he’s been healthy since he left the Caps and their medical care that his father complained about and started worked with the trainer in Lancaster, PA. Since he had that knee injury and surgery back in March 2011, this is really Varly’s first injury that has caused him to miss any time. If you watched the CSKA game where Varly injured his knee recently, a player fell on his leg while he was in the butterfly, not much he could do about that. I think him getting injured once in almost 2 years is a decent rate of injury for goaltenders.

  • Katyusha

    Funny how normal Varlamov sounds in Russian! We still say ‘humungous big’ in this house at every given opportunity. Ah, the hilarity!

  • Doug

    Oh no! That’s not Varlamov!!