Barack Obama: Do NHL Fans Right, End The Lockout

BO: Don’t forget, you promised to come to a game!

As President Barack Obama tries to gain more public support for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, he did an interview Thursday with Minneapolis’s Frank Vascellaro of WCCO-TV. Vascellaro, who traveled to Washington DC to meet up with POTUS, was given permission to ask five questions. So Frank asked about the fiscal cliff negotiations, spending cuts, trust on Capitol Hill, the medical devices tax (?), and… hockey!

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Alex Ovechkin Scores Goal in Channel One Cup

Maybe the greatest photo taken of Ovechkin of all-time. (Photo credit: Grigory Dukor/Reuters)

On Thursday at Moscow’s Megasport Arena, the Russian National Team defeated Sweden in the first game of the Channel One Cup.  The tournament, which was made possible because all European leagues took a four-day break during their regular seasons, prominently featured three Capitals players playing against each other: Alex Ovechkin who skated on Team Russia’s third line with Alexey Tereschenko and Nikolai Zherdev; Nicklas Backstrom who centered Sweden’s first line; and Marcus Johansson, who played to the left of Backstrom in his national team debut.

In Russia’s 5-1 blowout win, Ovechkin scored a beautiful 1-on-2 goal and Backstrom tallied an assist for Sweden.

Now let’s see these highlights!

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