“I must break you… with my blue eyes.”

Last week, we told you how Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin landed on the cover of ProSport Magazine’s December issue. Now comes the interview Ovechkin did with Alexander Lyutikov, and let’s just say it’s interesting.

In the interview, Ovechkin kvetches about Evgeny Kuzetsov’s decision to stay in Russia for the next two years. For the first time in the press, Ovechkin reveals just how strongly he opposed Kuznetsov’s choice and that he advised Kuznetsov against it. “I think he’s outgrown the KHL level,” Ovechkin said. “[He] needs to move on.”

Below, RMNB’s Fedor Fedin translates the interview.

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Caps prospect Jaynen Rissling is a man of many talents. Not only is the Capitals 7th round pick on pace to have a career year with the Calgary Hitmen, the 6’4″, 223-pound defenseman is also a natural in front of the camera, as evidenced by the holiday video below.

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