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Almost one year ago to the day, Calgary Flames’ winger Rene Bourque elbowed Nicklas Backstrom in the side of the head, forcing the Capitals number-one center to the sidelines for three months with a concussion. The Capitals struggled in his absence, but 40 games later, after being magically healed by Tiesto, Backstrom returned for the playoff push and suffered no apparent setbacks.

On Wednesday, Backstrom fans got another scare when Nicklas took an awkward second period hit from Milan Kytnár during Dynamo’s 2-1 (SO) win over Slovan.

As Backstrom tries to spin while forechecking, Kytnár checks Backstrom in the numbers, forcing Nicky to fall head-first into the boards. The side of Backstrom’s head and neck takes the brunt of the hit. Nicky then slowly picks himself up off the ice and skates gingerly towards the bench.

Backstrom would take one more shift and then call it a day. After icing his neck with Dynamo’s head trainer on the bench, Backstrom would go off to the locker room.

SportsBox.ru’s Dinara Kafiskina is reporting that after being fully examined by Dynamo doctor Valery Konov, Backstrom is not seriously hurt. The doctor says that Backstrom has a neck bruise and should be able to dress on Friday against Lev.


Translation by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Sage Confucius

    Good news, good news! Each time I see Nicky take a hit anywhere near his head I cringe. Still looking to kneecap Rene Bourque with my goalie stick one day.

  • JH

    Do we trust KHL team doctors to tell Backstrom not to play?

  • alkemy

    No, of course not.

  • Sage Confucius

    I don’t trust the docs but I do trust Backstrom not to play if his head isn’t well. After what he went through last season I can’t see him taking any chances with his head.

  • HMcFarland

    Unlike the Caps, who needed Backstrom’s brain in working order for the remaining eight years on his contract, Dynamo’s priorities are immediate and short term. To them, he’s a just a high-priced rental, and I’m sure they’ll try to get their money’s worth. Would he feel able to say “no” to the organization that gave him the opportunity to play this fall?

  • White & Blue

    Backs will miss tonight’s game.

  • White & Blue

    Dynamo doctor Valery Konov is one of the best sports doctors in Russia, he’s head doctor of Team Russia for many years.
    And he’d never force player to play with injury. Regardless of contract or smth.
    We don’t use stickhandlers as consumables like in NHL.

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