This is what Alex Ovechkin will look like with a mustache

Imagine Ovi with a ‘stache. (Photo illustration by Ian Oland)

In folicular endorsement news, Sport Business Daily is reporting that Alex Ovechkin and Gillette have agreed on a two-year extension, which will keep the Russian machine’s face as smooth as a baby’s behind through the Sochi Winter Olympics. Ovi will continue to serve as a global ambassador and make awesome commercials for the world famous brand too.

The most interesting part of the new agreement, however, is in the details. While many Capitals players grow mustaches in November to raise money for men’s health, Ovechkin is contractually prohibited from doing so. Well, not anymore!

Sport Business Daily explains:

Ovechkin’s previous deal with Gillette required him to be clean-shaven throughout the NHL calendar with the exception of the playoffs, when many NHLers grow playoff beards. The same goes for this contract, Abrutyn said, but it also will allow Ovechkin flexibility during “Movember,” when some players grow mustaches for charity in November. Abrutyn noted that “Movember” could provide an opportunity for Ovechkin to showcase Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Styler. Abrutyn said, “There could definitely be some times during the year where we do something that would demonstrate the benefits of using it.”

I am as intrigued as this cat seeing crabs for the first time.

So not only may we get to see Ovechkin look like Tom Selleck for Movember, he also might get to be in one of those sweet commercials that Adrien Brody and André 3000 were in.

Yesssssss. I’m so excited. ALL HAIL THE MUSTACHED MACHINE.

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