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RMNB's Top Ten Posts of 2012

2012 is just about done, and although we’ve covered about 40 fewer hockey games than we wanted, we’re now delighted to take a look back at the year that was. We’ve ranked our top 10 stories based on traffic so that you can a) wax nostalgic on the days when we actually watched hockey, and b) get the inside scoop on what stories are popular and what stories bomb. Follow me past the jump for the countdown.

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Alex Ovechkin Scores Angry Goal While Falling Down


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Don’t make Alex Ovechkin angry. The Montreal Canadiens learned this lesson a few years ago when Francis Bouillon bloodied the Russian machine and he responded by scoring four goals — including the overtime game-winner.

On Sunday, Ovechkin, perhaps peeved after seeing his 14-game point streak end and his BFF Nicky sidelined from a neck injury, took a rare “handling the puck with his hands” penalty during the second period. Then, from the penalty box, he watched CSKA Moscow score on the resulting power play. Ovechkin scored on his next shift. Quickly. Emphatically. Angrily.

As Konstantin Gorovikov hit Ovi with a pass, the Capitals captain skated towards CSKA’s net decisively, easily curling and dragging around Denis Denisov, and then scoring on Rastislav Stana while falling to the ice. Ovechkin’s celebration? HULK ROAR.

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