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Playing overseas may keep some NHL players in top form during the lockout but the dreams of their general managers are haunted by a nightmare scenario — a serious injury to a star player.

Last Wednesday, Nicklas Backstrom was involved in frightening episode, in which he was checked from behind while playing for Dynamo Moscow. Backstrom, who missed three months last season with a concussion, went headfirst into the boards and left the game after trying to play one more shift. Dynamo called the injury a “neck bruise” and said the pivot should be good to go by the next game. As of the weekend, Backstrom saw at least two doctors, and a Russian newspaper report speculated that Nicky had traveled to America due to the injury’s severity. According to Nicky’s Swedish agent, Gunnar Svensson, that’s not true.

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Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko Show Off Their Engagement Ring

On New Year’s Eve, Alex Ovechkin shattered the earth with news that he and his tennis-superstar/girlfriend Maria Kirilenko had gotten engaged. If we go by the accompanying photo Sasha tweeted out, we can assume the two played pond hockey before the Russian machine popped the question. Yeah. It’s that cute.

But the ring. What about the engagement ring? Ovi’s pic of the two together showed both of them wearing hockey gloves. That doesn’t do us any good.

On New Year’s day, Ovechkin tweeted out a photo of the two together by the tree (the Christmas decorations are amazing), as Maria prominently displays some bling on her right hand.

The ring is still too tiny for gossip, so our friends over at CSI:Miami have lent us one of their fancy-schmancy computer enhancement programs so we can get a better look.

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