On Wednesday, Alex Ovechkin and the rest of his Dynamo Moscow teammates jumped back on the ice after a two-day break. The Russian machine, who got engaged to Maria Kirilenko on New Year’s Eve, talked about the nerve-racking experience of proposing to Maria and what it was like to spend New Year’s at home with his family.

Former Flyer Denis Tolpeko acts as Maria at the 1:10 mark.

RMNB’s Igor Kleyner translates Ovechkin’s portions of the video:

“This is the first time in [the new year] Dynamo has gotten together at their training facility in Novogorsk. It’s the same team roster, no changes. This is also the first time in thirteen years I was in Russia for New Year’s Eve. I really liked how my family and friends gathered to greet the new year.

“Now everybody has gotten some rest and in good spirit.

“There was an event in my life.  I proposed to Maria Kirilenko.  I am very happy.  It’s such a significant step for me.  There is Denis [Tolpeko] there.”

[Camera moves to the bench. Tolpeko, in a high-pitched voice, says “I agree,” the standard Russian “yes” response to a marriage proposal.]

[Ovechkin laughs and nods.]

“Yes, that is how it was.

“We are getting ready for the game against Torpedo.  I hope to see you at the arena; I understand Ballashikha is far away from Moscow and it’s not easy to get there, but it’s much better to play hockey in front of the fans.  So we’ll see you in Balashikha.”

Balashikha Arena is in a Moscow suburb, where Dynamo has been playing their home games lately, instead of Luzhniki arena.

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