On Saturday morning, Filip Forsberg and Team Sweden will face off against Riley Barber and Team USA in the World Junior Championships. In the photo above, taken by Grantland’s Katie Baker, you see Forsberg (second from right) and his teammates holding up a newspaper reading, “No More Miracles For You.”

We’ll see about that. Not to be partisan, but I’m firmly on #teamusa come Saturday morning at 8 am. Sweden’s great and everything– with their fish and chefs and Jens Lekman, but it’s USA’s game to lose.


Swedish Chef

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  • TSN has highlights up, should make a gif of Forsberg stick handling in the warm ups.

  • Annie

    Of course there aren’t any more miracles on tap for team USA – nobody would be in the least bit surprised if they handed swedens ass to them on a platter. That’s not a Jesus walking on water type of event so much as it is a regular Tuesday around here.