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While the NHL and NHLPA race to a January 11th deadline to save the season, we’re reminded how weird future Capitals/Hurricanes games are going to be once/if the lockout is lifted.

Alex Ovechkin and Dynamo Moscow took on former Capital Alex Semin and Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod on Friday. And in Ovi’s first game since getting engaged to Maria Kirilenko, the Russian machine tallied two points, including his 19th goal of the season, the game-winning tally. Dynamo would win 3-1.

Video of Ovechkin’s goal is below.

This may be one of the easiest goals of Ovi’s career. As Leo Komarov brings the puck into Torpedo’s zone, Ovi curls to the middle. Komarov hits him with a pass, and Sasha Major does the rest. Pretty wretched goaltending and defense.

Meanwhile, Sasha Minor had five shots… and… wait for it… a hooking penalty! Semin was on the ice when Ovechkin scored. Honestly, it was fun typing that.

Nicklas Backstrom, who suffered a neck injury on December 26th, missed his third straight game.


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  • Eddie Pasa

    I cackled loudly at “wait for it… a hooking penalty!” Same old Semin… it isn’t a hockey game without a Semin stick penalty.

  • Yv

    Before that goal Ovi also had a powerful goalpost shot. And again, somebody should tell KHL to stop this idiocy with assigning assist. They have very few of them. I think after the end of second period that was what Ovi asked referees. Because during first Dynamo goal at 25 min, Ovi fired a shot from the point in PP and then Gynge scored the rebound. Ovi didn’t get assist again (remembering his clear assist in OTGWG by Backstrom vs. Vityaz. Ovi got that assist only two month (!) later).

    How KHL handling assists is beyond understanding.

    At the same time, Malkin keep tearing other teams. He scored all 3 goals vs. rivals Kuznetsov’s Traktor and, interestingly, each goal had two assistants. While, curiously, SKA Saint Petersburg just announced arrival and signing of Pens Dman C. Letang. Maybe he knows something about this lockout.

  • Hale

    Well, Ovi also had a penalty, slashing, I think. Sasha drew 2 penalties, but, alas, no goals or points. I guess this game was revenge for the earlier shutout of Dynamo by Torpedo, 4-0, where Sasha had 2 assists and Ovi no points. Seems to even out. Backstrom’s continued absence is troubling, as is Orlov’s from Hershey.

  • Hale

    I saw that today and wondered. I wasn’t sure if the puck had been touched by a Torpedo player in-between Ovi’s shot and the goal. However, I’ve notice on other games where I thought a player should have gotten an A and didn’t. Malkin is a beast, that’s all there is to say.

  • sausage mcgriddled

    Can’t teach an old dog new tricks….

  • Feds

    KHL gives out many assists in the official box score posted after the game. Results in live texts aren’t official. Box scores can be found under “scores and schedules” tab. Example

  • Feds

    Russian official box score has credited Ovi with an assist

  • Dark Stranger

    I’m extremely disturbed about the fact that Backstrom is still absent (and that it’s week to week. We saw that movie last year (and hated it then.)

    On Orlov, could the C word be in effect, given that he’s not coming back any time soon? Disturbed about his absence as well.

    As for Sasha, this year has not been a bad year for him on the penalty front at all — 10 penalty minutes (5 minors) in 19 games.

  • Yeah, I’m thinking the C-word. Sad.