Filip Forsberg sad

Sad Forsberg is sad.

Heading into the gold-medal game of the 2013 World Junior Championships, the Swedes were confident they could repeat as champions. They had just beaten the host country, Team Russia, 3-2 in a shootout. They had gone undefeated in the World Junior Championships, winning their first 5 games with a goal differential of 22-10.

On Saturday, their first and only loss came to Team USA in the title game. Despite being named to the WJC tournament all-star team, Caps prospect Filip Forsberg, the captain of Team Sweden, took the loss hard.

In Forsberg’s post-game interview with Swedish reporters captured expertly by Aftonbladet, Forsberg struggles with finding his words. “It’s just sad,” he tells the press.

Below, friend-of-the-blog Jacob Ware (@JacobWare95) translates the full interview.

So, Sweden captain Filip Forsberg, it just wasn’t enough…

No, unfortunately it wasn’t. We just didn’t score enough goals.

How sour is this?

Well, it’s only been a few minutes since the final buzzer, so of course we’re disappointed, especially when it finishes so close. It [bleeping] stings.*

Is there anything you might have done differently?

I don’t really know. We actually started pretty well, but we lost it a little after all the penalties. They had the advantage in the first-period. We played ourselves into the game and had some chances but he (Team USA goaltender John Gibson) played really well in net.

Nicklas Lundström (Sweden goaltender) was clearly angry after their second goal. I saw him talking to you. What was he saying?

I’m not sure. I didn’t really see the goal. I think he said it was a high stick, or that he (goalscorer Rocco Grimaldi) gloved it in. I didn’t really pick up on what happened, unfortunately.

What’s been said in the locker room?

Well, we’ve not said too much. Everyone is just down. There’s not too much you can say, really. It’s just sad.

Do you feel you played as well as you could today?

It’s hard to say so soon after the end. We’ll have to analyze the game a bit. We could have started better, but then in the second and third we played our way into the game. We could have scored a few more goals.

Yeah, you had some great chances there in the third-period, but the puck just didn’t want to go in today…

Yeah, they do have a great goalie. After all, he was named as the tournament’s best. Obviously, that makes it tougher. But I do think we could have been more clinical with our finishes. But he was good, definitely.

And what happens now?

I don’t know. We’ll see.

Ok. Thank you very much.


* The curse word Forsberg says translates to “fucking” in American, but in Sweden, the word he uses is not taboo.

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  • Livia

    Oh dear–it must feel awful to come that close to winning gold and then miss it. Anyway, at least they got shiny silver medals and they don’t have the ridiculous amount of pressure and scrutiny that the Canadian team is suffering right now!

  • This kid is going to be a monster! Marcus is gonna be without a job, lol

  • I think Forsberg is the most NHL ready player the Caps have drafted since Backstrom. He is so good at the little things: backchecking, forechecking, playing defense. I’m really looking forward to next season (if there is one).

  • Fedor

    Talking about Filip, he also has a gold medal from last year.