Ted Leonsis Apologizes


Photo credit: Michael Loccisano

Just posted on his website, via the man himself:

I know Capitals fans – and hockey fans around the world – agonized the past few months; I apologize for my role in not being able to help us reach a more timely agreement. I’m sorry it took this long.

Read the whole thing on Ted’s Take. What do you think? Is it an empty PR gesture or a genuine first step towards reconciliation? What comes next? If you care, I give it a lot more weight considering it came from the same guy who wrote The Business of Happiness (good book, give it a read).

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  • zyvo

    Empty PR. A gesture from someone who has no intention of making any meaningful gesture to fans or season ticket holder.

  • Swhirly

    He saw the outpour of rage after the previous string of words that were put together to form a sentence that sounded something reminiscent of an apology and realized he should do more. Not buying.

  • Given his record with how he has interacted with fans in the past, he deserves the benefit of the doubt but he has to make genuine steps. It’s an empty PR gesture if nothing is done to reconcile the organsiation to the fans and that means Caps fans worldwide (those of us in Canada, Europe like me, Hong Kong, wherever). Ask me in April if this is empty PR.

  • It’s a PR move…a lot of the other teams are doing stuff to make things up to the fans…the pens are heavily discounting merchandise…tampa sold 200 seasons tickets for $200 each….what has uncle teddy done?…zippo

  • Where was this on Sunday during all the playoff games? Feels a little more honest and genuinely apologetic versus the email all Caps fans received of the “apology”banner on the site that offered no apology or empathy. I still expect nothing from him I regards to appeasing the angry masses.

  • It’s simply the right thing to say at this point. I don’t think it’s a step towards anything but merely a sort of “political statement”

  • JH

    I think saying you’re sorry, if sincere, is great. I don’t presume to know what is in Ted Leonsis’s heart, but at the same time, I’m skeptical. Does he really regret the lockout as a tactic that got the CBA revised? As someone once said, you can’t make an omelete without breaking some eggs. The CBA being the omelete in this case and the eggs being hockey. I guess the question to ask him is, knowing what you know now, would you have done anything differently? My guess is the answer deep down is no.

  • Fed-Up Caps Fan

    Not good enough Ted. You’ve got to mean it too. You can start by discounting the beer, an we can work up from there. I don’t plan on visiting the Verizon center for a while; you may not have killed hockey for me, but I don’t plan I handing you any of my paycheck any time soon.

  • I think the suite would be a great place to start and just rotate all the season ticket holders through for the rest of this season and part of the next. Caps PR better wake up because other teams are kicking their butts in terms of welcoming back their fans! Pittsburgh is already outdoing ya’ll! Judas Priest! How about a little Business of Happiness for the rest of us Uncle Ted?

  • miseenjeu

    what did he say after the 2004-2005 lockout? Is this different?

  • thompsonwerk

    A small step in the right direction. Needs to back up his words with action, preferably in the form of giving his suite away to a charity for an indefinite period of time.

  • No Money For Ted

    This was in no way sincere. Ted has been at the forefront of TWO lockouts including basketball. He has lined his pockets and I’m sure he enjoyed doing so. He would do it again given the chance. His “outreach” to fans is nothing more than a way to get more wallets to open up. I’m not buying it anymore, nor am I buying any merchandise or game tickets this year. Ted has forever soured any goodwill I had towards him.

  • freckleface81

    I am 100% with you, with the cavet of maybe I’ll be at the Verizon Center on gift tickets/prize tickets, but spending $0 at concessions/merch etc. Probably forever.

  • Agreed. Completely worthless “apology.”

  • Swhirly

    I kept my season tickets. If I don’t go, someone else will. There will be a warm body in that seat, so it mine as well be my warm body. However, my beers and food will be bought at the Greene Turtle or another fine local establishment. Game tickets aren’t that great of a revenue source, but concessions on the other hand, that will hurt way more. I have supported Ted in the past. He is a businessman first and foremost. He didn’t get rich by being a nice guy and giving handouts. His hand (and money) have been influential is turning Washington into a hockey town. But this was a blatant smack in the face.