The Capitals Announce Fan First Program, “Thank You Event”

Washington Capitals fans

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Season-ticket holders received a message from Caps Guest Services on Friday night. The email details the first effort by the Capitals organization to repair the rift with fans. The email, excerpted below, begins with a direct apology and then lists how the team will begin its apparent goodwill tour. That list includes food and drink credits, merchandise discounts, free t-shirts, and more.

The team will make an announcement to all Caps fans Saturday after the NHL schedule is released.

From the email:

We realize the last several months have been extremely difficult. We are sorry, and as you know, we greatly value your loyalty and support. Our mission is to always go above and beyond while delivering the best possible experiences. Throughout the lockout we hosted more than 20 events to stay connected, and while those were great, we know they weren’t the same as enjoying Capitals hockey live at Verizon Center.

We are looking forward to making your 2013 experience enjoyable and rewarding and promise to deliver on all of our exclusive benefits, including special events such as the full season-ticket holder party at Six Flags, season-ticket holder skates, chalk talks and fan forum teleconferences. Additionally during the course of this season we are adding the following exclusive programs as a thank you for your continued loyalty and support during this time:

Thank You Fan First Commitment Benefits

  • Each full-season account owner will receive a food and beverage Monumental Money Credit on your digital season-ticket holder card to be used at 100- and 400- level concessions. This includes the Hard Times concession stand and Greene Turtle concession stand, as well as all portable locations (excluding Dunkin’ Donuts), at Capitals games throughout the season.
    • VIP, Center Preferred, Acela Ledge, PowerPlay Club and Acela Club Level Center Customers will receive- $75 credit per account
    • Lower Preferred, Loge Preferred, Acela Club Attack and Defend Level, and SRO customers will receive- $50 credit per account
    • Mezzanine Level Customers will receive- $25 credit per account
  • All full season-ticket Holders will receive a 20% merchandise discount at the Verizon Center Team Store by showing your season-ticket card.
  • Exclusive full season-ticket holder Caps Club Red 365 Member long sleeve T-Shirt (one per account).
  • The opportunity to purchase additional friend and family tickets at your full season-ticket holder discounted price throughout the season for all Red Games.
  • Thank you recognition listing as a Caps Club Red 365 Member on an exclusive sign on the 100 and 400 -levels.
  • Exclusive full season-ticket holder Caps Club Red 365 Member Appreciation Week drawings for a daily grand prize (must enter to win).
  • Additional details regarding these programs will be communicated next week along with timelines to activate your Fan First Commitment benefits.

[. . .]

A Thank You Event from the Caps to our Fans, Thursday, Jan. 17

All season-ticket holders and Caps fans are invited to this special Thank You event at Verizon Center on Jan. 17 from 6 to 9 p.m. Join other Caps fans to celebrate the 2012-13 season with an open Capitals practice, games, photos opportunities, a player Q&A session and many other activities. Complimentary fountain soda, popcorn, pretzels, hot dogs, nachos and ice cream will be provided for all guests in attendance. To RSVP for the Thank You event, please click here.

The F Street entrance of Verizon Center will open at 6 p.m. for the event. The Capitals will host an open practice from 7-8 p.m. Select Capitals will be available for a brief question and answer session with all fans in attendance after the practice.

Special event details:

  • Capitals open practice
  • Photos with the Red Rockers and Slapshot
  • Q&A session with select Capitals players post-practice
  • Verizon Center Team Store will be open for Capitals merchandise purchases with a 20% discount on regular-priced merchandise for Capitals season-ticket holders. Please be sure to bring your season-ticket holder ID card.

That’s a lot of treats for season-ticket holders, a group that no longer includes the Caps blogger preferred by most other Caps bloggers, Peerless Prognosticator.

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  • The event on the 17th appears to be for all fans FYI. When I went to RSVP, I could do so for more than the # of seats on our account, which is usually the limit for STH only events.

  • Manda

    Awesome! I feel somewhat vindicated in my heart, as I suggested this very thing in your post about Ted’s suite. I think Tampa is having a Fan Fest, too. Great idea!

  • Holy_Cal

    The Pens get 50% off merch and select concession items for free for the first 4 games, and teddy boy sticks us with that?! That Peerless guy might have had a point.

  • green52fan

    So they’re only apologizing to season ticket holders???

  • Holy_Cal

    Not to mention $200 season tickets (for a select few, but still).

  • No – the event on 17th is for ALL fans according to the above

  • “Stay tuned for more communications from me and the team following the union voting and ratifying the agreement.” – Ted Leonsis

    The new CBA will be approved by the NHLPA tomorrow. I would think this is the first of many ways the Caps will start reaching out. Season Ticket Holders of course, should come first.

  • green52fan

    So Im invited but only if I go with a season ticket holder… I still call BS

  • A.

    hmu with the fanfest link im so going with the brolos

  • This article just pissed me off. they only apologized to the season ticket holders. Im a more die hard fan than most of the season ticket holders and i dont have season tickets. wheres the benefit for me and other nonseason ticket holder fans. And why would they hold the open practice on a thursday. If it is really a fan event it should be on a weekend where it is easier for more FANS to go to

  • No. Just stop. It’s open to ALL fans. But STH got the email FIRST as is usually the case. I’m sure it will be announced this weekend after everything is ratified. Breathe.

  • The event on the 17th says at the bottom, “please bring your season ticket holder ID card.” So even though it says “and fans,” it means personal friends of STH’s.

  • I kinda miss Abe Polin, Piney Orchard, and the Caps Centre… just sayin..

  • No it doesn’t. That’s for the discount on merchandise. The event is for ALL fans. As Ian stated above, Ted said there would be more announcements after the CBA is ratified. Hasn’t happened yet so public doesn’t get the email quite yet.

  • Katherine

    I sure hope they’re going to do something for the partial plan and single ticket holding fans too.

  • tkwetzel

    I know that Tampa and Pittsburgh are offering 50% off merch at the team store for varying lengths of time. 20% off does not invite me to the team store.

  • tkwetzel

    Also, it appears we will be opening the season on the 19th in Tampa.

  • Kafe

    “Exclusive full season-ticket holder Caps Club Red 365 Member long sleeve T-Shirt (one per account)”. Size small

  • tkwetzel

    No, it will be an XL or XXL, because then they will know it will fit almost everyone. The t-shirt toss only includes XL t-shirts.

  • webby

    So…I have 6 upper deck seats. The Penguins plan gives 3 free concession items for each fan, and for each of the first four games. So my account would get 72 free concession items there. What’s a burger or chicken sandwich these days, like $9? So 72 x 9 = $648 of free food. Under the Capitals plan, I get $25 of free food. And one free t-shrirt for 6 people to share.
    ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? Absolutely insulting.

  • This is crap. Way to make us look bad compared to the Pens Teddy.

  • Jen

    Here’s why this sits wrong, for me:
    “Each full-season account owner will receive”
    Perks are offered per account, not per ticket. So at least half the people who use season tickets are already cut out of the apology.
    “Exclusive…Member long sleeve T-Shirt”
    The free item is of the Caps’ design, not the fan’s choice — and I won’t be surprised if it’s sponsored and therefore includes another company logo on it.
    “Exclusive…Member Appreciation Week drawings for a daily grand prize (must enter to win).”
    This team has done prize drawings for the past several years; how is this new or different or special?

    All the benefits have an air of restrictiveness about them. It doesn’t read like a gift, and it doesn’t feel like an apology — it really just seems to be stuff that the team would probably have done if the season had started on schedule.

  • Jeff

    So additional tickets can only be purchased for “red games” at season ticket holder price. Hooray for Tuesday night games against the Panthers! Btw $25 credit for my two season seats, thanks for increasing beer to $8.50 each.

  • Emily Casto

    Here’s my perspective: Hockey is back. I don’t need free food and drinks from Ted and I’m not mad that we’re only getting 1 t-shirt for our season holder account even though we have two sets of tickets. I don’t go to Caps games for free merch or gourmet cuisine. I go because I LOVE MY TEAM!

    Yes, we got screwed, but it’s over. Our wishes have been granted and our sport is finally back. All is not forgiven with Ted and the others who deprived us of the first half of the season, but I’m done focusing on that. Right now, I’m a Caps fan who is absolutely elated that my boys are back and I know I’m not alone. I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see the team step back onto our home ice. I know that I’ll be surrounded by my fellow fans in a massive sea of red on opening night and every game that follows. We’ll be there rocking the red because for now we choose to focus on the games that will be played, not those that weren’t. Let’s go Caps!

  • miseenjeu

    didn’t we have sales on Caps gear at Verizon during the lockout? How is this different?

  • miseenjeu

    I thought there were sales on Caps gear during the lockout. How is this different?

  • Vacapsfan

    An apology without regret for one’s action is not really an apology. It is simply I’m sorry you feel bad but I have no regret for my actions or my apart in the event. There is no contrition or acceptance of fault. In terms of the “gifts” it is an incentive to please come spend your money quickly and I’ll just take a little less of my 100% mark -up on food and merchandise . Insulting is an accurate description.

  • I love you for making this point.

  • There is a team with a winning culture a couple hours away that’s groomed a lot of the current roster and will continue to do so. Pirated Internet feeds handled a share of following your favorite players. And when the game is treated like a product by those who you wish to trust, they do not deserve my business or patronage.

    Hockey’s back? Hockey never left, some of us just found other ways to enjoy it.

  • Wow! Willie Wonka really does take care of those with the “Golden” tickets!

  • Spanky

    Gotta hand it to Ted, the man does walk with a pair. Us STH’s are a bunch of lemming boot lickers. What really pissed me off was the implementation of paperless tickets. That should be optional to STH’s.