Eric Fehr Returns to the Capitals

Photo credit: Gregory Shamus

The man Ted Starkey called the “franchise leader in outdoor goals” has returned to the flock. The Washington Times’ Stephen Whyno reports that Eric Fehr is ready to sign a one-year contract for $600k.

Fehr left the Caps in ’11 for the newfangled Jets of his hometown Winnipeg. Fehr was one of the principle contributors to the Capitals’ previous SCOAR MOAR GOALS style of hockey, so his return may bring good tidings for the those yearning for a more offensive Caps team. I’d like to see him take the right wing on the top line with Ovechkin and Backstrom. What do you think?

I invite you now to peruse RMNB’s Eric Fehr tag.

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  • I was thinking more MoJo-Ribeiro-Fehr.

  • Holy_Cal

    I’m more excited for Eric Fehr’s wife to be back.

  • So i decided to play NHL 12 with the new line combinations and on Fehr’s first shift he got a shoulder injury -.-

  • Who would you have on the first line then?