Here’s Your 2013 Washington Capitals Schedule


Yes, they finally released it!

The players ratified the CBA, and so here we are. 48 games, 48 chances.

I recommend you download the schedule to your calendar using the Capitals’ convenient downloady thing.

The schedule and our impressions are below.

  • 24 home games and 24 away games. It’s like they planned it that way or something.
  • The Caps open the season this Saturday in Tampa Bay. Don’t get any ideas, Ovi.
  • The Capitals home opener is on Tuesday, January 22nd against the Winnipeg Jets. Imagine how loud that UNLEASH THE FURY is going to be.
  • Speaking of Winnipeg, the Caps have 2 Trips to MTS Centre and are the only NHL team that will play 3 games up there: March 2nd, March 21st, and March 22nd.
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins make their only visit to D.C. on February 3rd: Super Bowl Sunday. Woot! Ravens and Caps/Pens on the same day!
  • Alex Semin returns to Washington February 26th. Boy, is that going to be awkwaaaarrddd.
  • The Capitals have 16 games in March. That’s kinda brutal.
  • Per Vogs, from March 9th through April 7th, Washington will play 17 games in 30 days, a span that includes five sets of back-to-backs and 11 road games.
  • The Capitals will play eight sets of games on back-to-back nights.
  • The longest homestand is three games, which happens four times. The longest road trip is four games (March 19-24).
  • The trade deadline is April 3rd.
  • As reported earlier, the Caps will play no Western Conference teams this year. Try to ignore the fact Winnipeg’s due north of Los Angeles.
  • Basically, from now until the end of April we will have Caps hockey every other night.

Anyway here it is:

Sat., Jan. 19        at Tampa Bay        7 p.m.
Tue., Jan. 22        Winnipeg            7 p.m.
Thu., Jan. 24        Montreal            7 p.m.
Fri., Jan. 25        at New Jersey       7 p.m.
Sun., Jan. 27        Buffalo             3 p.m.
Tue., Jan. 29        at Ottawa           7:30 p.m.
Thu., Jan. 31        at Toronto          7 p.m.

Fri., Feb. 1         Philadelphia        7 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 3         Pittsburgh          12:30 p.m.
Tue., Feb. 5         Toronto             7 p.m.
Thu., Feb. 7         at Pittsburgh       7 p.m.
Sat., Feb. 9         Florida             7 p.m.
Tue., Feb. 12        at Florida          7:30 p.m.
Thu., Feb. 14        at Tampa Bay        7:30 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 17        at N.Y. Rangers     6 p.m.
Thu., Feb. 21        New Jersey          7 p.m.
Sat., Feb. 23        New Jersey          12 p.m.
Tue., Feb. 26        Carolina            7 p.m.
Wed., Feb. 27        at Philadelphia     7:30 p.m.

Sat., March 2        at Winnipeg         3 p.m.
Tue., March 5        Boston              7 p.m.
Thu., March 7        Florida             7 p.m.
Sat., March 9        at N.Y. Islanders   1 p.m.
Sun., March 10       N.Y. Rangers        12:30 p.m.
Tue., March 12       Carolina            7 p.m.
Thu., March 14       at Carolina         7 p.m.
Sat., March 16       at Boston           1 p.m.
Sun., March 17       Buffalo             7 p.m.
Tue., March 19       at Pittsburgh       7:30 p.m.
Thu., March 21       at Winnipeg         8 p.m.
Fri., March 22       at Winnipeg         7 p.m.
Sun., March 24       at N.Y. Rangers     7 p.m.
Tue., March 26       N.Y. Islanders      7 p.m.
Sat., March 30       at Buffalo          7 p.m.
Sun., March 31       at Philadelphia     7:30 p.m.

Tue., April 2        at Carolina         7 p.m.
Thu., April 4        N.Y. Islanders      7 p.m.
Sat., April 6        at Florida          7:30 p.m.
Sun., April 7        Tampa Bay           7 p.m.
Tue., April 9        at Montreal         7:30 p.m.
Thu., April 11       Carolina            7 p.m.
Sat., April 13       Tampa Bay           7 p.m.
Tue., April 16       Toronto             7 p.m.
Thu., April 18       at Ottawa           7:30 p.m.
Sat., April 20       at Montreal         7 p.m.
Tue., April 23       Winnipeg            7 p.m.
Thu., April 25       Ottawa              7 p.m.
Sat., April 27       Boston              7 p.m.

All Times Eastern


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  • one home game vs Pens and its noon on Super bowl Sunday. the noon games are the worst….zero energy

  • “Imagine how loud that UNLEASH THE FURY is going to be.” I’m not so sure I agree with this.

  • tkwetzel

    What is up with playing twice in two nights in Winnipeg? I guess someone had to do it. Winnipeg got the shaft his season having to play conference teams only. Columbus got a much better schedule travel wise, and they are far closer to every team in their division than Winnipeg. Oh well, looking forward to the Pens game, and looking to see what away games I may try to go to.

  • 2 things

    1. Ravens on super bowl sunday is hilarious
    2. An aaaawkward cheer for Semin’s homecoming would be classic

  • Daisy

    How many of these games will be broadcast?

  • Looks like an AHL schedule.