Mike Green Bulls Over Michal Neuvirth, Goes Upside Down

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9906

Photos by Chris Gordon

Caps training camp may not be officially underway yet, but almost all the players are now taking part in self-led practices at Kettler Capitals Iceplex (the team can’t hold formal workouts until the CBA terms are finalized). Without coaches leading the drills, these sessions haven’t been particularly riveting. Still, hundreds of fans filed into the rooftop rink to get a glimpse of world-class NHL hockey for the first time in months.

Speaking of world-class NHL hockey, the highlight of the day came when Mike Green got too close to Michal Neuvirth before bulling over the young netminder. Green then got lodged in the net upside down. Man, it’s good to be back.

“I had Lasik eye surgery yesterday so my vision’s a little off,” Green told reporters after the practice. “I didn’t realize he was that close to me. I apologize though.”

Take a look at some pictures of the incident after the jump.

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9903

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9912

New Cap Jack Hillen rendering assistance.

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9923

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9926

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9931

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9934

Green and his fancy new hand tattoo come out unscathed.

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-0155

MG52 talks to the media after his run in.

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-0167

Bonus beard pictures!

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9837

Hey, Green can now play both parts in those Geico caveman ads.

Mike Green Michal Neuvirth-9668

Apparently he didn’t get the “don’t fall” memo.

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  • AAAA

    I love the new-look, bearded Greenie!

  • abrlcklnthewall

    That hand tat… not a good look. Carly clearly has the most powerful hair on the team currently, followed by Nick, and then MG’s beard.

  • hols

    Aw, man. It’s even more painful seeing these pics from Chine where I can’t go to KCl to see these hijinks for myself ;_; But MG52’s looking good (if a bit strange).

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